Keep On Changing Your Fitness Program

Keep On Changing Your Fitness Program

Kettlebell Workouts for Seniors

Kettlebells for Seniors

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Many elderly people are scared of taking up an exercise routine because of age-related weakness or the fear of injury. Regular workout is usually considered the domain on the young and the middle-aged who are strong enough to adapt to the rigours of regular exercise. Visit Kettlebell Courses to begin your training.

However, the truth is that 60 and above is the ideal time for many senior citizens to begin a workout routine such as kettlebell training.

In fact, geriatric training is a specific part of your kettlebell certifications where you learn all about how to make your elderly clients do kettlebell workouts safely.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training for Seniors

Most senior people have very little activity and this sedentary lifestyle further makes them weak and reduces their lifespan. What the elderly need is a safe workout routine they can do comfortably and enjoy it too. So encourage the elderly to take up kettlebell training and discover a new way of life even at a late age.

Kettlebell Training can help reduce Back Pain

The elderly are often prone to lower back pain especially when they try to lift objects from the floor or move in a particular direction. With regular kettlebell courses, they can not only strengthen their back muscles but also improve flexibility.

Most kettlebell workouts depend on the thrust of the hips rather than the back so that your back always stays protected from over-stress. For all Brisbane clients, please check out the Brisbane Kettlebell course!

Kettlebell Training helps reduce Arthritic Pain

Arthritis is another common ailment that most senior citizens suffer from. This is primarily because with age, the body’s skeletal structure becomes weak and fragile. Add to this the sedentary lifestyle that most elderly people live which further weakens the bones due to inactivity.

Kettlebell workouts are full body movements that target all the muscles of the body which means the skeletal structure is exercised too.

With each training session, the entire skeletal structure becomes stronger and more flexible which helps in reducing arthritic pain.

Kettlebell Training improves Mobility

Many elderly people are scared to venture outside their homes unaided because they are uncertain of their own mobility. They usually suffer from stiff joints or back pain or weakness in muscles.

However, as you will learn during your kettlebell courses, kettlebell workouts are primarily swinging motions that cut across several planes. This forces the body to move in different directions in sync with the bell. Such type of multidirectional workouts is extremely effective in improving mobility and strengthening the joints and ligaments.

Safety Tips

Kettlebell workouts are certainly very effective in improving your total physique. However, with geriatric clients, you should be extra cautious about how you handle them. Kettlebell certifications emphasize on certain safety points that you must ensure before training the elderly with kettlebells.

Firstly, you must be able to select the right size kettlebell depending on the age of the client. The elderly will not be able to begin with the same weight as the young.

Secondly, you must check all doctors’ certificates for fitness or to know about any existing ailments that can worsen your client’s health further. Kettlebell CEC courses online will go more in depth when it comes to what in the training you should be focusing more on.

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