Keep On Changing Your Fitness Program

Keep On Changing Your Fitness Program

Keep On Changing

Choosing a Colour Made Easy with these 4 Tips 

Colours undoubtedly play a crucial role in your world. Different colours can sway your mood; cause unexpected reactions, soothe or irritate your senses, make your feel happy or depressed and so on.

Given its importance, colours can also play a very vital role in defining the character of your home. The right colour scheme not only makes your home look classy; it also reflects your personality and creates just the right space for you to enjoy life. Selecting the right colour for your interior decoration should be top on your list if you are upgrading your old home or moving into a new one.

Kettlebell Workouts for Seniors

Kettlebells for Seniors

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Many elderly people are scared of taking up an exercise routine because of age-related weakness or the fear of injury. Regular workout is usually considered the domain on the young and the middle-aged who are strong enough to adapt to the rigours of regular exercise. Visit Kettlebell Courses to begin your training.

However, the truth is that 60 and above is the ideal time for many senior citizens to begin a workout routine such as kettlebell training.

In fact, geriatric training is a specific part of your kettlebell certifications where you learn all about how to make your elderly clients do kettlebell workouts safely.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training for Seniors

Most senior people have very little activity and this sedentary lifestyle further makes them weak and reduces their lifespan. What the elderly need is a safe workout routine they can do comfortably and enjoy it too. So encourage the elderly to take up kettlebell training and discover a new way of life even at a late age.

Kettlebell Training can help reduce Back Pain

The elderly are often prone to lower back pain especially when they try to lift objects from the floor or move in a particular direction. With regular kettlebell courses, they can not only strengthen their back muscles but also improve flexibility.

Most kettlebell workouts depend on the thrust of the hips rather than the back so that your back always stays protected from over-stress. For all Brisbane clients, please check out the Brisbane Kettlebell course!

Kettlebell Training helps reduce Arthritic Pain

Arthritis is another common ailment that most senior citizens suffer from. This is primarily because with age, the body’s skeletal structure becomes weak and fragile. Add to this the sedentary lifestyle that most elderly people live which further weakens the bones due to inactivity.

Kettlebell workouts are full body movements that target all the muscles of the body which means the skeletal structure is exercised too.

With each training session, the entire skeletal structure becomes stronger and more flexible which helps in reducing arthritic pain.

Kettlebell Training improves Mobility

Many elderly people are scared to venture outside their homes unaided because they are uncertain of their own mobility. They usually suffer from stiff joints or back pain or weakness in muscles.

However, as you will learn during your kettlebell courses, kettlebell workouts are primarily swinging motions that cut across several planes. This forces the body to move in different directions in sync with the bell. Such type of multidirectional workouts is extremely effective in improving mobility and strengthening the joints and ligaments.

Safety Tips

Kettlebell workouts are certainly very effective in improving your total physique. However, with geriatric clients, you should be extra cautious about how you handle them. Kettlebell certifications emphasize on certain safety points that you must ensure before training the elderly with kettlebells.

Firstly, you must be able to select the right size kettlebell depending on the age of the client. The elderly will not be able to begin with the same weight as the young.

Secondly, you must check all doctors’ certificates for fitness or to know about any existing ailments that can worsen your client’s health further. Kettlebell CEC courses online will go more in depth when it comes to what in the training you should be focusing more on.

Tips to Keep Your Weight in Check During the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and one primary concern among health conscious individuals is their weight. During the holiday season, it is normal to put on those extra kilos because of the kind of high calorie foods everyone eats. However, if putting on weight is a strict no for you, there are ways to keep your weight in check during the holidays too. You don’t have to be one of those people who end up putting on weight just because you couldn’t control your food intake. Here are some tips that can help you in the endeavour, and you can find your full report on

Control the portions

You may not be able to deny eating those delicious snacks and delicacies that you will find in every relative’s house you visit. But what you can do is eat smaller portions. During the holidays, you will have to eat often and constantly, because that’s what everyone does. It’s all about the food and drinks and merriment. Eat less and occasionally so that you don’t get too full too fast. It will help you enjoy the various kinds of foods available while also ensuring you get to control your weight.

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Try to Exercise

No one wants to exercise during the holidays but if you are conscious about your weight, a few minutes a day will do you good. Try to push in a few minutes of stretches, crunches, push-ups or a brisk walk. It will help your metabolism stay high and keep you active. Once the holiday season is over, you can get back to your actual exercise routine. You can ask your personal trainer for additional exercise tips from San Diego Workouts just for the holidays.

Munch for long

The problem with the holiday season is that all the people around you will want you to eat and when they see that you aren’t they will force you to. Play it smart in this case. Munch on the snacks you choose to eat for long. That way, you won’t be forced to eat more when you already have a mouthful!

Make the quantities of foods you go in for last long, so that you don’t end up over eating by taking second and third helpings. You will have to use a little bit of tact if you are conscious about your weight!

Watch what you eat

It will help if you watch what you eat though that too is difficult over the holidays. Choose soups, salads and fibre foods and eat lesser portions of high calorie foods. Take advice from your San Diego personal trainer on what is best avoided to control your weight during the holiday season.

Stay Full

One good way to avoid snacking on inappropriate foods is to eat a large breakfast. Include whole wheat cereals, fruits and nuts in your breakfast. If you are full through the day, you won’t reach out for snacks and foods that will make you put on weight through the day. This will help you control your overall weight. Ask your personal trainer what else can be consumed for a healthy breakfast.

Ways to Ensure Your Body Stays Fit even Without Regular Exercise

Every personal trainer will tell you that to stay fit you need to eat right and exercise right. This is the best way to maintain your overall health and weight. However, not everyone gets the time to workout regularly. If you are worried about gaining excess weight, you should at least try and workout every alternate day of the week or target three times a week. Nothing can keep your body toned better than a good exercise routine. Here are some other ways you can consider when you don’t get enough time to exercise.

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Use the Stairs

Your office complex would definitely have a bunch of stairs that you don’t even look at. Try to use them to exercise your legs and hands! Every time you get to work, you can use the stairs to reach your office instead of taking the lift. You can ask your Maroubra personal trainers what hand stretches to accompany with this. That is of course if you are not one of those to get easily embarrassed by exercising this way in public.

Stroll Often

Instead of sitting at your work table for hours on end, try to get up and walk around every few hours. It will refresh you and help you lose some calories. Sitting for long periods of time can make you tired and also affect your body’s metabolism. In fact, instead of asking your assistant to get your coffee and other things all the time from various places around the body – you can actually get up and get them yourself.

Stay Active

One good way to try and burn calories when you aren’t getting time to exercise is to stay active. Don’t always use machines to get your housework done. Try to perform chores with your hands. You will be surprised at how fit you feel and how easy it is to stay healthy this way. But keep in mind that nothing helps keep the body toned as much as a regular workout.

Use Bicycles

You may not get time to actually go for a run or learn exercises from your dangerously fit bondi beach personal trainers often. But how about using bicycles to get to short distances? Cycling is a sport and exercise in itself. It will help you stay fit. You’ll also be benefiting the environment this way so it is a win-win situation.

Watch your Food

Avoid foods that you know will make you bulky. You can give in to temptation once every few days but don’t make it a habit. If you do, you’ll face the consequences. The best way to burn calories is by exercise. So if you can’t exercise, avoid unnecessary calorie intake and stick to what your body needs.

Seek Advice

Ask your Bondi Beach personal trainer how else you can stay fit if you are hard pressed for time. Your trainer may have some ideas though he will tell you nothing works as much as a good workout. Try to remove at least thirty minutes of your time to exercise every few times a week.

Tips to Follow when Trying to Build Muscles and Abs

Muscle building is almost on every functional male’s priority list. Muscle build up makes you lose fat fast, cuts off the fat and make you look attractive. However, you should know that muscle building is not easy and requires a lot of attention to diet and exercise. If you want to build muscle fast then you have to follow certain tips as illustrated below.

Consume lots of protein
Protein is literally the building block of life and when it comes to muscle then it’s the essence of muscle strength. If you want to bulk up your body with brawn then it’s important to consume lots of lean protein. The best sources are soya, chicken, mutton, fish, eggs and fortified milk apart from nuts. For vegetarians you need to consume tofu, pulses and kidney beans. Try to consume 1 gm of protein for every pound of body weight that you have. This ratio is important if you want to gain muscle fast.

Concentrate on weight lifts
Weight lifts are the best route to exercise muscle gain utopia. Don’t try to exist with the dual aims of training for a big race as well as gaining muscle at the same time. The physiology of muscle gain is different and its catalyzed by lifting weights at high frequency and medium intensity. The more you do weight lifts and pump iron, the more probable are your chances of building muscle fast. Keep your fitness goals fixed and work towards them under the supervision of a professional fitness trainer.

Drink up a post workout beverage
Carb based drink consumption after strenuous workout slows down the rate of protein breakdown. Make up your meals well with a good concentration of complex carbs like fruits, brown bread, whole grains etc. after your workouts. Fitness trainers recommend eating bananas, peanut butter sandwiches and sports drinks as ideal muscle gain snacks.

Drink milk before going to bed
An ideal combination for planned muscle gain is drinking milk before your daily dose of sleep. Calories are more likely to stay on your body if you avoid extreme activity after meals. If milk makes you feel queasy, then a good substitute is fortified high calcium yoghurt or the whites of two eggs. All these food options are meant for making you build muscle fast. You can also try eating raisin bran along with cold milk and/or fruit and cheese as a pre-sleep snack.

Follow instructions of the trainer
Muscle building plans are rarely realized if you regard them as a solo activity. Make sure that you join a bootcamp programme that specializes in helping to build muscle fast. Another good option (if you have the budget) is to hire a good fitness trainer to supervise you. What you need to do now is to stay completely focused on what your trainer is instructing you. Don’t be impatient as it will take some time for results to show up as building muscle takes time.

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